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Why Choose Atlanta Trauma Services?

          We really do care. Unfortunate tragedies befall us all, death being the ultimate tragedy. Surviving family members may be distraught, and many times don't know who to call. Crime, Trauma, Death, Unattended Death, Murder, Blood and Bodily Fluids scene cleanup is a necessary service that we provide. Though at times our work is difficult, we are committed to maintaining a respectful, dignified, and caring relationship with our clients. We provide our services at a reasonable cost for those whom may not have insurance or do not wish to file a claim. 95% of the work we complete is paid for by homeowners insurance and we take care of the deductible in most cases. Our billing department is staffed by insurance professionals with the skills needed for a smooth and stress free transaction.  Call Now (770) 875-2264 QUESTIONS ABOUT TRAINING OFFERED? Call (770) 875-2264 to find out about our training academy

Services We Offer

  • Crime Scene Clean Up – Situations resulting from crimes can be difficult. We will proceed with care and compassion to remedy the situation at the property. Many times when covered by homeowners insurance we can make the calls to get you into a hotel for the evening while we perform our duties.
  • Suicide Clean Up – The aftermath of a suicide can be devastating for all involved. Our goal is to ensure that the needs of those associated are respected and that the property is cleaned to remove all signs of the event. when you return to the scene there will be no trace of the event. sometimes it is required that we remove certain items depending on the amount of damage, in which case we provide you with a full inventory of what has been removed.
  • Decomposition Clean Up – Following death, remains are usually treated appropriately and removed from a property. If left for longer periods of time, decomposition can occur at the property, resulting in harmful biological hazards, odors and damaged building material. Our trained technicians will work to remove contaminants, sterilize the environment, eliminate odors and restore the property to a pre-loss state.
  • Car Accident Clean Up – An Automobile accident may require that vehicles or property be cleaned to ensure continuous use of either. Potentially dangerous biological or chemical contaminants may be present following this situation. Our procedures will ensure that the traffic accident scene or vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.
  • Blood Cleaning – Following a traumatic event, blood may be present in the environment. Blood spills should be responded to immediately at blood is a potentially hazardous substance. Blood in its immediate state may contain disease from the person it passed from. Over the long term, blood as biological matter, will break down and decompose. This can lead to the prolifileration of bacteria, insects and other biological decomposers. Not only will be remove any remnants of blood, but we will thoroughly disinfect the environment, removing all stains and odors.
  • Hoarder Clean Up- We clean all hoarder homes with respect and dignity. We will not make a production of any scene. If the cleanup is part of an unattended death we can perform both with a portion covered by insurance.
  • Urine & Fecal Matter Clean Up – The passed matter from humans and animals can contaminate an environment and leave behind damaged property and strong odors. Often this matter can contain harmful bacteria and other substances that are biological hazards. Our skilled hazardous waste professionals will ensure that all remains are clean and the environment is returned to a clean state.
  • Police Department & Law Enforcement Agency Services – ATS often works with government entities as we are quick, efficient and affordable source of biohazard clean-up and restoration services. The police services we can provide include the cleaning and decontamination of vehicles, equipment, jail and holding cells, evidence rooms, machinery, and other objects or facilities. We have worked with several law enforcement agencies in and around the area.
  • Other Biohazard Clean Up Services – We haven’t encountered a biohazard cleaning or removal situation that couldn’t remedy for a client. Our cross-trained staff is experienced with all situations hazardous environments and contaminants.

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* We can deal directly with your insurance company
* In most cases, you pay nothing out of pocket with insurance
* We comply with OSHA blood borne pathogen standards/DOT & EPA

We can complete most jobs under your deductible!

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What We Do

  • Suicide Cleanup
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleanup
  • Unattended Death Cleanup
  • Hoarder Cleanup
  • Residential & Commercial
  • And much more call for details
  • Training

We have contracted with Stericycle,

 the largest and oldest hazardous

waste disposal company in the

United States. Dont be fooled

by companies who will dispose of your

waste in a landfill and leave you legally liable!

Honesty and integrity are our main principles at AtlantaTrauma Services. We treat our clients with respect and dignity at all times. We are honored to post reviews on our site for your viewing from our loyal customers as references to our work.


Why not do the cleanup your self?

If you are in a situation where you are considering cleaning up a crime scene on your own, it is highly recommended that you think again and consider the possibility of a professional crime cleanup company to do the job instead.There are a few important reasons for this.First of all, a crime scene cleanup like a murder scene or a suicide scene is not a very ideal situation for those who are weak hearted or those with a weak stomach. The sight of splattered brains or blood stains combined with the nauseating stench of death is usually too much for even the bravest of people out there. A professional crime cleanup company will have employees that are specifically trained to handle these types of situations. Think of them as ER technicians. They would have probably already seen many such scenes such as the crime scene in your house. They will also be trained to handle customer relations in a very delicate manner. They will recognize the trauma experienced by the family members and will act appropriately.The second reason to call for a professional crime cleanup company is simply because they are the only people certified by the state and federal authorities to carry out this type of work. If you were to clean up a murder scene on your own and dump the cleaned up materials in a dumpster, you would technically be breaking the law. Bodily matter such as blood, tissue and other fluids from the body are classified as bio hazards by the federal government. When something is classified as a bio hazard, it will mean that only licensed parties can legally clean up and dispose the bio hazardous materials. Meth labs are another example of crime scenes that will require very professional cleaning. Methamphetamines and related chemicals are very toxic in nature and they can cause serious lung infections and skin infections. A thorough meth lab cleanup will involve cleaning up of walls, floors, ceilings and even furniture items to completely reduce or eliminate the contaminant levels.Thirdly, a professional crime scene cleanup company will have the best knowledge and expertise to carry out a good cleanup job. Improper cleanup can make odors and stains to remain even after several weeks have passed. A crime scene cleanup company will use various EPA approved chemicals and specialized equipment to carry out the work.Lastly, a professional crime cleanup company might be able to assist you with the insurance process. Some insurance policies will cover the expenses incurred in cleaning up a crime scene and a cleanup contractor will offer you assistance in getting reimbursed by your insurer.




Areas Served

Clarkston GA, Atlanta GA, Stone Mountain GA, Pine Lake GA, Norcross GA, Decatur GA, Scottdale GA, Lilburn GA, Avondale Estates GA, Redan GA, Lawrenceville GA, Duluth GA, Lithonia GA, Snellville GA, North Metro GA, Alpharetta GA, Roswell GA, Grayson GA, Marietta GA, Ellenwood GA, Conley GA, Conyers GA, Suwanee GA, Smyrna GA, Forest Park GA, Loganville GA, Rex GA, Morrow GA, Mableton GA, Stockbridge GA, Dacula GA, Buford GA, Clarkdale GA, Austell GA, Riverdale GA, Woodstock GA, Jonesboro GA, Red Oak GA, Oxford GA, Lithia Springs GA, Cumming GA, Auburn GA, Kennesaw GA, Jersey GA, Union City GA, Canton GA, Porterdale GA, Powder Springs GA, Holly Springs GA, Covington GA, Mcdonough GA, Bethlehem GA, Acworth GA, Monroe GA, Lebanon GA, Flowery Branch GA, Fairburn GA, Inman GA, Lovejoy GA, Douglasville GA, Fayetteville GA, Hoschton GA, Winder GA, Braselton GA, Chestnut Mountain GA, Oakwood GA, Social Circle GA, Tyrone GA, Palmetto GA, Gainesville GA, Mansfield GA, Talmo GA, White GA,

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